Stowaway to the Stars




by Graham Keeler



                                      The Cast of Characters


Laren'hi Jalid Rasilii (Larry)

An agent with the Interstellar Exploration Programme, part of the Galactic Union. He specialises in making covert visits to primitive populated planets to assess the state of their culture and technology, with a view to the planet being invited to join the Union when the planet has reached a sufficiently advanced stage of development. His life is turned upside down when he stumbles on a covert operation by Zilon, a hard-line Associate member of the Union.

Karen Marshall

An Earthgirl who is looking for the man she believes is responsible for the death of her sister. Her life is also turned upside down when she mistakes Larry for the man she is seeking.

Ketar'hi Dartelii (Ket)

Larry's brother-in-law and best friend. A minor official in the Council of the Galactic Union.

Genietta Dartelii (Gen)

Larry's sister, also married to Ket.

Annek Clarim

A trainee agent for the Interstellar Exploration Programme, who is on a mission supervised by Larry when things go wrong.


A guard in the Ziloni military base.

Colonel Prenstall

The security officer in the Ziloni military base.


A minor felon on the planet Drazen who can provide false identities.


A police officer on Drazen.


The security official at Greti City spaceport on planet Central.









Graham Keeler 2012